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danh từ  (động vật dụng học) nhỏ kiếnred (wood) ant → con kiến lửawinged ant → kiến cánhwhite ant → bé mối


V. League second leg schedule gives đứng đầu teams an edge

football |15034407

The new schedule & format for V. League’s second leg will deliver certain advantages for the leading teams of each group.

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Violence by an intimate partner: a public matter

perspectives |14984402

The moment the man stood up, grabbed a plastic stool & moved quickly to lớn hit the woman, I also stood up and shouted.


Hoi An imposes social distancing

news |14454395

With Covid-19 resurfacing in Vietnam, the Quang nam Province government has ordered social distancing in Hoi An town for two weeks from Friday.


Experience an elevated lifestyle at Babylon Tower

business |11434408

Babylon Tower, part of high-end residence Sunshine đá quí River, has stirred the interest of potential buyers because of its infinity view of riverfront và prime location.


South trung quốc Sea developments an ASEAN concern

news |10154397

ASEAN leaders expressed concern over recent South trung quốc Sea developments và called on all parties khổng lồ build trust at the bloc"s latest summit.

Hunting for ant eggs in Vietnam

trend |71443392

Every year in March farmers in the central province of Thanh Hoa mix out lớn harvest ant eggs, a popular food.

"Tripod" strategy a Vinamilk cash cow

companies |16043432

Quality raw materials & modern production technology, alongside a strong domestic foundation have helped dairy giant Vinamilk navigate Covid-19 impacts.

Hanoi home a cut apart

style |15843417

A leaning roof, warm interior reflect modern, capital kiến thiết of a Hanoi house.

Charcoal a Binh Thuan mainstay

trend |15643415

Tran Minh Tuan produces charcoal for a living, earning around VND10 million ($429) a month to tư vấn his family và educate his kids.

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Sustainability in ASEAN, a growing imperative

perspectives |15543421

ASEAN was established in 1967 lớn advance regional cooperation, particularly economic, security and social.